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Is Mediation Suited to IP Disputes?

02 October 2009
I first became interested in Mediation through my dissatisfaction with other ways of resolving intellectual property disputes. An article in which I discuss the pros and cons of mediating IP cases has just been published by the Association Of Conflict Resolution on their website. Here is the link This section of the site carries a number of interesting articles relating to mediation in the commercial world from the Association’s international mem...
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Making Commercial Presentations

21 September 2009
The following article has recently been published in the newsletters of the Hungarian Biotechnology Association and Nexxus, the network for the life sciences in the south of Scotland. We are always happy to help clients craft their presentations to meet the needs of specific situations and also offer a half day seminar on Commercial Presentations. Ten Tips for Successful Commercial Presentations I have sat through an enormous number of pitches over the years some of which were successful in th...
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Voice regcognition Software?

19 September 2009
This week I started using Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software and I am incredibly impressed. I first saw this demonstrated in the early 1990s in New York and I thought the voice recognition aspect was very good, especially as the salesman had a really strong New York accent and the machine seemed to understand what he was saying however laying out a document seemed quite cumbersome at that time. I have since been reintroduced to the system by Garry Dawson of Voice Text www.voice...
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Using Business Tools in Mediation

13 September 2009
I had the great pleasure of being invited to speak at the annual International Mediation Interest Group meeting held at the World Intellectual Property Organisation’s offices in Geneva this week. This is a great opportunity to debate the latest thinking and techniques with leading academics and practitoners from Europe and the US although it would have been nice if there had been more input from non Western societies. I picked up a number of new ideas especially in the area of preparing as a l...
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Low Cost High Value Engineering Placements

28 August 2009
I attended a really interesting Medtech event in Dundee this week. Speakers covered the initiative in Manchester to integrate Medicine and Innovation Technology, the latest developments at SHIL which is the commercialisation arm of the NHS in Scotland and which is now ISO 13485 certified and some new government initiatives including the new OLS Blueprint. There are some attractive opportunities for companies of all sizes in these various initiatives and it is w...
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Six Thinking Hats

01 August 2009
I was recently asked to talk at a lunch for local lady entrepreneurs on Prof Edward De Bono’s ” Six Thinking Hats ” technique for evaluating ideas and making decision and my experiences of using it. Prof. De Bono’s basic contention, explored in a number of his works is that we are surrounded by more than enough information to achieve our ends but are hindered in capitalising on this by our inability to process this information efficiently. In the “Six Thinking Hats” he divides aspec...
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Using Mediation Techniques to improve M & A outcomes

27 July 2009
Last summer I had the great pleasure of presenting a paper on the use of Mediation Techniques to improve the outcome of M&A deals at the Fordham conference on Arbitration and Mediation. The papers from the conference have now been published by Martinus Nijhoff as part of their Contemporary Issues in International Arbitration and Mediation series. That so many M&A deals fail to deliver the anticipated share holder value is obviously a matter of concern and I am convinced that using techni...
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Proposed IP Reforms to aid Academia

07 February 2009
The Gowers Review of Intellectual Property which was published at the end of 2006 made a number of recommendations for the reform of IP protection in the UK. This was followed by a round of consultations regarding a variety of recommendations relating to copyright exceptions. In the light of the responses received the government has proposed legislative changes on which comment is now invited. Comments on the proposals should be sent to by 31 March 2010. The gove...
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Haiti Disaster Appeal

20 January 2009
You will have seen the distressing news coverage from Haiti and many of you will have donated to the disaster appeal however if you are still considering making a donation I would like to draw to your attention a letter from my friend and former colleague, Declan Doogan, who does a voluntary medical work in Haiti each year: “I write to you in appeal to help the people of Haiti. It cannot have escaped your attention that the conditions there are desperate. As the days go by the need does not l...
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